Monday, March 7, 2011

Big deals for little kids

After spending yesterday at a baby shower for one of my good friends, I have decided to make this post all about babies.

I will start with Amazon Mom.  This free program from Amazon is not only for Moms though, you could be a Dad, Grandparent or really anyone who might have a child in their life.  Through this program you get 3 months of free 2-day shipping on most anything sold on the Amazon website.  For every $25 you spend in a single order from the baby store, you will get an additional month of free shipping, you can earn up to an additional 9 months (for a total of a year of free 2-day shipping).    You also get 30% off select diapers and wipes when you sign up for subscribe and save.

The next mom, baby and kid website is Zulily.  This website posts new deals everyday from around a dozen different companies.  These deals are short time deals that are usually around 40% off regular retail price.  Sign up here.  You can also get 3.5% cash back through ebates.

babyearth is website that sells baby items but they have what they call Gaga deals that are posted every hour.  The deal gets better as the hour goes on, but there is a limited number of items so the longer you wait the higher the chance that the item will sell out.  Don't forget to shop at babyearth through ebates to get 6% cash back.

A few other baby deal websites are Eco Baby Buys,,  and
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