Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY Wedding: Escort Cards

One of the easiest projects I did for my wedding was my escort cards.  The picture above is what they looked like set up at my wedding.  I used the white cards for the women and the blue-green cards for the men.  The colored stars you see in the corner of each card told the waiters what meal each person had ordered.

The escort cards were made out of 3" x 3" card stock, folded in half.  The best tool I ever invested in was a paper cutter.  This project would have been one of the most time consuming projects I did had I not had it.

I used it to cut my paper into the 3" x 3" squares but I was also able to use it to fold the cards in half.  I never really knew what a time saver this would be until I used it.  The folding blade (the black one) is blunt and just makes a slight indent in the paper and allows you to fold the paper cleanly (which can be hard to do with thicker paper).

I used the same snowflake stamp I used on my invitations to cut out snowflakes in both white and blue-green.  I used a glue dot to put a small crystal in the middle of each snowflake and then another glue dot to attach the snowflake to the escort card.  I used a ultra fine point sharpie to write the names on the card and I had the name and number of the table written on the back of the card.

This is what the final product looks like up close:

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. It sounds as though you and Lauren had a good time making hers!


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