Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today's craft project: Hanging wetbag

After searching online for a wetbag for my cloth diapers and not really finding what I wanted or what I wanted to spend, I decided to make my own.  I found some material that I liked at Joann's and they even had a coordinating PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric, which makes it waterproof).  I figured that since I wanted a few different bags (1-2 for my sons room and 1-2 for traveling), that it would be chaper to make them myself.  The PUL was a little difficult to work with but it wasn't too bad.

Today was just a test run at making one so I didn't take any pictures of the process but I will be making a smaller version of it this weekend and will try to take some pictures to post.  Wet bags aren't only for cloth diapers, they can be used for wet swimsuits and towels, they can also be kept on hand in case your child has an accident while out and about.  They can be thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned and hung to dry (they can be put in the dryer every once in a while to help seal the PUL but they will last longer if they aren't put in the dryer every time they are washed).

Here is the final product:

This is the bag opened so that you can see the PUL inside:
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