Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Projects

My husband and I have been using Ziplock bags to hold all of our small electronic accessories (chargers, computer connection cords, extra batteries and cards, etc.) for years.  After I made the wetbags the other weekend, I realized that the smallest bag would be a great size to replace our Ziplock bags.  I found some scrap fabric and made a couple of cotton lined canvas bags.  The one I made my husband, the green one, is 8" by 8" and the one I made myself, the pink one, is 8" by 10". 

Another small project I did this weekend was to make a couple of straps to connect toys and sippy cups to a stroller.  I had some ribbon and some mini anorak snaps that I was able to fashion into what I had envisioned.  Now, we won't be chasing down dropped toys and cups when we are out and about.

Fun, cheap and easy...doesn't get much better than that!

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