Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Favorites

Ok, so this is a little late but it's been a crazy day. I had my first filling this morning and I can tell you that fillings will not ever be on this list! I had never had a cavity before but apparently my pregnancy hormones really screwed up my teeth. I had 5 (yes, that says FIVE) cavities at my first check up post baby. So today, 2 of them were filled. Anyway...on with the list.

1. My Beco Butterfly II baby carrier! Both my baby and I love how comfortable this carrier is! She usually falls asleep when I put her in it and her brother used to do the same thing. Having 2 kids under 2 makes it necessary to wear one of them when I go out of the house. I can actually still wear my son in this carrier on my back without hurting myself. I am actually looking at getting a second carrier so that I can just keep one in the car and one in the house. I just need to decide if I want to get another Beco or if I want to get one of the Petunia Picklebottom print Ergos...they are so pretty!

2. husband gave me the nickname of Cookie Monster when I was pregnant with our daughter because I couldn't get enough of them. He would frequently find the cookie jar almost empty because of the Cookie Monster. Well, I have to say that the Cookie Monster is still alive and well even though I am no longer pregnant.

3. Our BOB double stroller has made it possible to go out of the house with both kids for a walk in our neighborhood. Both kids love it and it is a nice relaxing time for all of us. I have found it to be a great way for all of us to chill out for a while and just enjoy nature. It has become my way to gain a little sanity in my crazy days.

4. Baby pigtails

Have a great weekend! It's going to be beautiful here and I am excited to spend the weekend with my family and some friends!

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