Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sewing 101: Padded Camera Bag Insert

My best friend has been wanting me to teach her how to sew for a while now, we just needed the right project to work on. It just so happened that she found a new purse that she wanted to use as a camera bag the same week that I found a tutorial on how to do just that. After finding the materials we would need at my local Joann Fabric, we headed back to my house for our first lesson.

After we got everything all prepped and cut, I got my machine all set up while she preoccupied my kids. I wasn't sure just how much she knew about sewing so I gave her the benefit of the doubt and jumped right in. After she did the first line of stitching, I quickly learned that we needed to start with the basics when I told her to lift her foot so we could turn the fabric and she proceeded to lift her right foot off the foot pedal instead of lifting the presser foot. After going back and explaining a few more things about sewing in detail, she was off and running. About an hour later we had most of the bag insert completed and she headed home to finish it on her own.

The next morning I had an email from her telling me that she bought herself a new sewing machine online (the one she had was old, heavy and temperamental)! On Wednesday, I got a call from her looking for help on how to thread the machine. After a little lesson on sewing machine terminology she had the new machine threaded and ready to go. Later that night she sent me a picture of the final product!

It's not perfect but it will work and for our first one, it came out pretty good! I am so proud of her!  You always learn a lot when you make a project like this for the first time. It was so much cheaper than buying a camera bag and we were able to customize it to our exact specifications. I just need to find myself a bag and I will be making one of these for myself!

It just so happens that she also wrote about this on her blog today too!  Check out her side of the story at Create Something Out Of Nothing!

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Lauren said...

I had a great teacher! I can't wait for my next project!!!

Danielle said...

Just let me know what you want to work on next!

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