Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dream of Success

Right now, its just a dream.  A dream that I will slowly work at until I can make it a reality.  This is not a matter of "if" but "when".  I believe in myself and I am (just as the quote says) crazy enough to think that I can do it.

What is this dream of mine?

My dream is to open my own Etsy shop where I will sell my crafts.

I have always loved doing crafts and this dream has always been at the back of my mind to do it for a living.  Just recently did it cross my mind that I could do it for a living if I really wanted to.  It is going to be hard work but its going to be work that I enjoy. 

Right now, we don't have any space for me to do my crafts so I know that I can't open my actual shop up yet but I can do some research and prep work.  This blog is part of the creative process and is helping me figure out what I want to do for branding.  I have secured my etsy shop name and all I need to do is set it all up (figure out pricing, shipping, listing, etc.). 

I will continue to document my progress here and I know that this dream will become a reality before I know it!

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confused homemaker said...


Remember the difference between being a dreamer and a doer is simply taking the first step and you are already there.

{Happy SITS Sharefest Day!}

Paige said...

Best of luck! Just stopping by from SITS this morning. Hope you have a great weekend!

Positively Alene said...

Stopping by from SITS. This is awesome. Have you read the new book out "$100 Start Up" it's an awesome read to work you through starting your dream business when you don't have everything you need -- money or space. Keep dreaming!!!

Christine said...

Congrats!! So awesome that you are going to pursue your dreams. I wish you all the best! Visiting from the SITS Saturday Sharefest!

misssrobin said...

Best wishes on this new adventure. Love the quote!

Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.

Danielle said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by and for all of your kind words. I am looking forward to being able to start this new adventure.

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