Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. I hosted a Thirty-One Gifts party last week and I got my new bags this week! I love them! I got the 5th Avenue purse as a replacement for my purse and diaper bag. It is PERFECT! It has 3 compartments, I am using one for my stuff, one for the kids stuff and the middle pocket is perfect for my DSLR! Love it! I also got the 15 Pocket Wallet. This wallet is so cute and has a spot for everything! It will be perfect for using to just run into the store or for short trips out of the house when I don't really need my purse. The other 2 bags I got were the Retro Metro Tote and the All-In-One Organizer. I haven't used them yet but they are also very cute and I'm sure they will be great to have! For hosting a party, I got a small zippered pouch with my family members on it. It's the perfect size for my Kindle. I had been looking for something to put my Kindle in, so now I have this cute bag to match the rest of my bags!

2. The Chocolate Stampede from Longhorn Steakhouse! My favorite restaurant dessert ever! Chocolate cake layered with six types of chocolate and served with vanilla bean ice cream. Enough said!

3. The sun and warm weather...please come back, I miss you!

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Lauren Bodwell said...

How do I host a Thirty-One party? I might need to get on that so I can buy some cute bags and baskets!!

Danielle said...

Contact my cousin! She is my consultant.

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