Monday, June 4, 2012

In Case of Emergency

Since having kids, I want to make sure that in an emergency, the people (and pets) I love, are taken care of.  I decided to come up with a worksheet that we could keep on our family bulletin board so that we would have all the emergency information in one spot.  This is a list of what I felt should be included:
  • Emergency number, because not all towns use the 911 system
  • Poison Control phone number
  • Home address, not mailing address but the physical address, and phone number in case it is needed to get an emergency vehicle here
  • House description to assist in getting emergency vehicles here
  • Emergency contacts with their relation and phone number.  I found it helpful to include our pediatrician, our electric company (if you loose power you should report it and if you are like me and rely on the internet to look up phone numbers, this would be good information to have on paper) and the company that services our furnace (cold New England winters are no fun if your furnace isn't running).
  • Names, birthdays and medical notes (allergies and medications) for everyone that lives here
  • Vet and emergency vet information, names, species/descriptions, birthdays and any additional information
  • An area for additional notes
I have included a printable version of this to share with all of you.  It is currently set up for up to 4 household members and up to 3 pets but could easily be changed if anyone needs more room. 

I hope you find this worksheet helpful but I hope none of you ever need it.

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michael m said...

printed one out for my family when we are at summer camp.. thanks danielle... good thinking..

Danielle said...

I hope you and your family find it useful!

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