Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strawberry Picking

My Mother-In-Law called me this morning to see if the kids and I wanted to go strawberry picking with her this afternoon.  I couldn't resist!  What a great way to spend the afternoon, the kids would get to spend time with their Grammie, we would get some super yummy, fresh picked strawberries, and I would have another great opportunity to practice my photography skills. 

Levi loves his fruit, especially berries!  He had fun picking and eating a few strawberries before he was distracted by the irrigation system and the tractors on the farm.  What can I say...he is all boy!

Lily just hung out in her car seat and guarded the strawberries!  

My photography lesson of the day had to do with catchlights.  I am just really starting to learn more about how to make eyes pop in photos, so I love when I manage to get my kids in the right setting to get the catchlights in their eyes.   The hard part about practicing this technique on kids is getting them to look in just the right direction.  See the difference in Levi's eyes in the next two pictures?

His eyes are so much more alive in the second picture!  You can really see how blue his eyes are.

What are you hoping to improve in your photography or what do you want to learn more about? 

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Lauren Bodwell said...

These are beautiful!!! The strawberries are so vivid and RED! And Levi looks so much older!

Danielle said...

Thanks Hun! I am still getting used to his new haircut, I love it though!

michael m said...

i should have my mom e-mail you her strawberry pie recipes

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