Monday, June 25, 2012

The First Haircut

I can't believe that in two short weeks, my little man is going to be 2 years old!  We got his hair cut for the first time last week and he looks so much older.  He is really starting to look like a little boy and not so much like a baby.  We all loved his hair, it was blond and curly and full of life, but it was starting to get a bit out of control.  So I called my hairdresser and made an appointment.  I have no crazy stories to tell about his first haircut because he was such a good boy and sat so still.  No running around the salon or squirming in the chair, he really was a big boy.  I know there will be many more times where I will realize that my little boy is growing up but this was definitely one of the firsts. 
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