Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diaper Box to Cute Storage Box

We have been using an old cardboard diaper box to store some books for our son in our living room for a few weeks now but it was UGLY!  I finally decided that if it was going to permanently live in the living room, it needed to be fixed.  I had seen the printed Duck Tapes in my local Target and decided that I could use that to make my box cute and more sturdy, double duty!

The box I used is 9.5" wide, 11.5" long and 9.5" tall.  I wanted my pattern to line up as I went around, so I probably used a bit more than if you didn't care about that, but I used one full roll of Duck Tape (10 yards).  Depending on what you use for a box, get for tape and how the pattern lines up you could use more or less. 

See what I mean? UGLY!
The first thing I did was to cut the flaps off the top of the box and then I taped up the flaps for the hand holds (I didn't want to cut them off because they will help keep the holes sturdy and less likely to cut into your hands when you carry it). 

I also put a couple of strips of tape on the bottom of the inside of the box to hold down the inside flaps.  Then I began wrapping the box with tape starting on the bottom.  I wanted it to go over the bottom edge of the box so I just cut a slit on the corners so that the tape would lay flat.

I just kept wrapping the box, one strip at a time until I covered the whole box.  I tried to line up the dots so that everything looked even once I was done. Once I got to the top of the box, I did the same thing I did with the bottom of the box, I cut a slit at each corner and then wrapped the tape over the raw edge of the box.  I taped over the hand holes and then using a sharp knife, I cut slits in the tape so that I could wrap over the raw edge of the holes. 

I cut the tape along the red lines
After that, I did one more row of tape along the inside edge of the box and then one strip down the middle of the bottom of the box.  I am very happy with how it came out and it only cost me about $4!

The finished product and my puppy dog checking it all out :)

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