Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. I cloth diaper my kids (well, mostly just my daughter now since my son has somehow developed very sensitive skin and now breaks out in a rash when he is in cloth but that's another story) and I have found a new favorite diaper!  I have liked Flip diapers since my son started in cloth but I have a new found love for them with my daughter.  They had been a bit wide between her legs for a while but they are really starting to fit her well now.  They are my go to cover for night time.  I stuff them with an angel folded GMD prefold and we are good to go!  Plus I am in love with the new girly print and colors from Flip!  They are great for these hot days because I can just put a coordinating shirt with the diaper and there is no need for more clothes!

Just add a cute dress or shirt!
2. Make It and Love It posted a tutorial this week on how to make little girls long sleeve shirts into short sleeve shirts with flutter sleeves and I am so excited to try it!  My kids were "blessed" with their parents long arms so they sometimes outgrow long sleeve shirts in the sleeves before anything else so this is brilliant for us!

3. My best friend posted some pictures that she took of my sons birthday party and I love them!  Her blog, Create Something Out of Nothing, is all about her journey behind the lens and she has posted some very creative shots, check her out and let her know I sent you.

4. True smiles caught on camera

5. Toothless baby grins

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Lauren Bodwell said...

Thanks for the shout out girl :) I love your Friday favorites!!

Tara Denny said...

I didn't realize that was YOUR son's party, those pics were awesome! Cloth diapering wasn't so "in" when I had my kid, but I wish it were, those are adorable!

Lindsay said...

Your kids are adorable! Popping over From My Grey Desk. Have a lovely weekend!


Stopping by from SITS. Your children are beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend! Stacie xo

Danielle said...

Thank you Lauren!

Tara, I agree, I loved her photos! I was lucky enough to have her grab my camera as well and so I have some on my camera that she took too, love her!

Lindsay, thanks for stopping by and I may be biased but I think they are pretty adorable too! :)

Stacie, thank you! I hope you have a great weekend as well!

Charlene Collado said...

i love toothless baby grins! i cannot get over the cuteness.

i found you in h54f. i hope you can check out my blog too :)

jen @

Danielle said...

Thanks Charlene! I am headed over to check out your blog right now, hope you had a great weekend!

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