Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, I had hoped to get some crafting done this weekend but the only crafting I got done was some microwave baking. 

My husband and I were supposed to have a date night Friday night but he got stuck at work until late and then had to go back in early Saturday morning for a full day of work.  My mom ended up taking my son overnight to help me out a bit and to spend time with her favorite grandson of course!  So instead of a nice dinner out with just my husband, my night was spend in front of the TV with a 2 minute mug brownie while my daughter slept.

In case you have never heard of these mug brownies, here is a link to the one I found on Pinterest.  I love that I can make just this and not have to make a whole pan of brownies that I know I will end up eating by myself because my husband does not have the sweet tooth that I do.  It is really good topped with ice cream!  There are other mug deserts out there too if you look for them.  I have also tried this single serving deep dish chocolate chip cookie from My Happy Place

On Saturday my daughter and I just had a girls day and made a visit to the jewelry store to get my rings cleaned and inspected and to get my watch battery changed.  Then we made a visit to the mall just so that we could take a little walk in air conditioning (we both hate the heat).  When she napped, I cleaned.  My husband picked up our son from my mom and they got home just in time to put the kids to bed.  We had dinner and then went to bed ourselves.

Sunday was some much needed family time for us.  We are currently looking for a new house so we spent some of our day driving around looking at some of the houses we found online.  Not only did we like the looks of a few of them, we ended up finding a few others for sale that we liked as well.  After everyone else went to bed, I spent a few hours in the evening catching up on folding laundry and then updating here on my blog before I went to bed.

Maybe I will get lucky this week and the kids will nap at the same time and I will get some time to do some afternoon crafts.  I hope everyone had a great weekend with plans for a great week!

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