Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Schedule

Sleep?  I don't think so!
So my beautiful baby girl has decided to change her sleeping schedule and not for the better!  She used to go to sleep for the night (with a couple of feedings scattered in there) within an hour of her brother.  She still falls asleep about the same time but only sleeps for about 15 minutes then she is up again for at least an hour and is ready to play.  This new schedule of hers is seriously cutting into the little bit of me time that I get.  This kid free time at the end of the day is when I spent time with my husband then I would do dishes, fold laundry or craft.  Now by the time she finally falls asleep for the night, my motivation is GONE and my husband is ready for bed! 

I know this is just a phase and there will be many more changes in her sleeping schedule as she grows but until it changes again in my favor, crafting is taking a back seat to my smiling baby girl who seems to just want to spend a few more minutes with her Mommy and Daddy when she gets us all to herself!

Let's get back to this, ok?

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