Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Messy Monday

We didn't have much in the house today for lunch so I decided to let Levi try one of my childhood favorites, a fluffernutter sandwich.  Turns out, he loves it too!  This kid definitely has my sweet tooth.

The mess was totally worth it!

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Pamela said...

Your son is absolutely adorable!! These photos are priceless! And I love love love fluffernutters!! I admit, I had no idea thats what they were called until a few months ago when my husband saw me eating one every day, and explained that's what they were. Heh.
Happy Saturday! (visiting from the sits sharefest btw!) :)

Katie E said...

He's so cute!
And I love your new header - it's perfect.

Visiting from Sharefest :)

Danielle Schaub said...

Thank you Pamela! That's too funny that you were eating them all this time but had no idea that they were called fluffernutters! Thank you for stopping by!

Thanks Katie! I think it't perfect too! Thank you for visiting!

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