Friday, September 28, 2012

Guest Post: Friday Favorites - All About Photography

Today I am lucky enough to welcome my best friend, Lauren, to do my first guest post!  She has a photography blog called Create Something Out of Nothing, you can also find her on Facebook.  Lauren inspired me to learn more about my camera and it is because of her that I have been shooting in manual since the beginning of the summer!  I hope you will take the chance to go check her out and follow her along her journey to becoming a professional photographer.
A special thanks to Lauren's husband for taking this photo for us!
Without further ado, here she is...

I’m excited to guest post for Two Red Birthstones today! Danielle and I have been best friends since college and we are both been very passionate about photography since high school.  We have both watched each other grow this past year as bloggers, her as a mom, me as a newlywed, and both as photographers! I love her Friday Favorites and wanted to guest post some of my photography favorites! Stop by my blog Create Something Out of Nothing and read about my photography journey.

1. My Camera—I’m a Nikon girl! Though only since recently (I grew up shooting with Cannons), my husband purchased a Nikon D70 without discussing with me first, thinking he’d surprise me and ask for forgiveness later hoping I’d be okay with his large purchase. AND I WAS! I was over-joyed, jumping up and down, smiling at this brand new (new to us), “Big Kid” camera! I have now since upgrade to the D700 and have never looked back!
Lauren Bodwell Photography
2. Lightroom 3—(Lightroom 4 is now out) Editing has become part of my life, I shoot 100% in RAW (which allows me to manipulate my files and giving me more control in post-processing). I would love to one day edit solely in Photoshop, but for right now, Lightroom makes my life so much easier. It organizes all my files by date and stores them in the appropriate folders. The basic editing panels are easy to read and use, it is powerful and has some of the same features that you find in PS, such as the cloning/ healing tool. I also love the fact that you can sync multiple photos with the same features all at once! (The best part, education discount!)
Screen shot of Lightroom from Lauren Bodwell Photography
3. Clickin Moms! ALL photography Blogs, websites & forums for that matter too! Clickin Moms is just one of the many websites that I read on a daily basis. They offer great Workshops, Breakout Sessions, great products and more! I’m also a lifetime member on their forum, another great feature. This is a space where members can go to ask questions, respond to questions, give critiques and just vent about life, photography, clients, you name it! I have fallen in love with the photography community!

4. My NIFTY FIFTY! The one thing I have discovered about myself is that I LOVE prime lenses…I’m not a zoom girl…even though when I was young that’s all I wanted to use because it made me feel like a real photographer. I love the power my 50mm has, I have all the control, I get to choose the depth of field (if I choose I can shoot wide open at 1.4), if I want to zoom all I have to do is walk closer or step further away, I can handle that! I’m saving up for the 85mm!
5. My MAC! This past Christmas my husband and I thought instead of exchanging gifts to each other we would buy a new computer. Since we are apple users anyway, an iMAC was the logical choice! I couldn't be happier, though looking back on it, we should have upgraded to the 27” screen…but it just looked HUGE! But we are both very happy with our 21” screen, it makes editing so much easier, the color is almost 100% right on, it’s fast, simple, it just works for me! I LOVE IT!

(6.) A GREAT BAG! This is something I don’t have yet, so I can’t say it’s one of my favorites, but I really, really, really, really want a Kelly Moore Bag! (it may or may not be under the tree this year for x-mas!) I’m all for looking stylish while out shooting, a camera bag that looks and acts like a purse, sign me up!
*To be a photographer you do need the right equipment, but you don't need it all at once.  Take the time to research which camera, lenses, and software works best for you before going out and purchasing it! Photography is expensive, invest in good equipment, you will thank yourself later!

Thank you Lauren, I loved having you!

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