Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm A Crappy Mom

Since I started blogging, I have found a community in the many other mommy bloggers out there.  I have found many blogs that I read and enjoy on a regular basis.  Life with Levi is one of those blogs.  Jen, the mom behind Life with Levi, recently shared a picture on her Facebook page.  It showed 4 moms all stating different parenting choices that they had made.  The photo and the message behind it was that we should celebrate the fact that we (moms) may have different parenting styles but whats really important is that we all love our babies.  Instead, some people used that as a place to share their thoughts on circumcision and it turned kind of ugly.  Jen took this as an opportunity to share some of her parenting choices that others might not agree with.  She then took it a step further and welcomed other mommies to share their parenting choices  on her blog as well.

I love the idea of all these mommies supporting each other and not bashing them for the parenting choices that they made.  So here it is, my list of why I am a crappy mom...

1. My son learned how to use my iPad at 18 months old.
2. We follow the traditional vaccination schedule.
3. We cloth diapered Levi from 8 months to just over a year and then I stopped because I got pregnant with Lily and the just thought of spraying his diapers would send me into a puking fit.  Once I could stand the thought of spraying again, he went back to cloth but he started getting wicked rashes so I gave up.
4. Lily hasn't been in a disposable diaper since her umbilical cord stump fell off.
5. We watch too much TV.
6. Levi is a climber and unless he could seriously injure himself, I let him climb.
7. Chocolate chip Eggo pancakes are my go to breakfast when we need to get out of the house in a hurry or when I am just too tired to make anything else.
8. I breast fed Levi for a little over a year and would have kept going if my milk supply hadn't of disappeared due to my pregnancy with Lily.  I hope to breast feed Lily well past a year and I am not afraid to whip out my boob anywhere if my baby is hungry.
9. I taught Levi the word "toot" so that he would stop saying "poop" after he passes gas and I laugh just as hard as he does when he says "tootie".
10. I will do just about anything for a big hug or a giggle from my babies!

I am not a crappy mom, my kids are happy, healthy and loved!  Levi has a love for books and anything with wheels.  Lily loves watching her big brother run around the house like a crazy person.  I love hearing Levi ask for his "sissy" every morning.  I love hearing Lily babble away in her little baby talk.  There are hard days but I would not trade any of them for anything in the world!  I love my kids more than words can say and I can only hope that they know how much they are loved!

Let's stop all the mommy judging and just do what we feel is right.  Let's support each other instead of tearing each other down.  Motherhood is hard enough!

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