Monday, September 3, 2012

Photography Scavenger Hunt

Here are my interpretations for the list this week and I managed to get every item off the list without using my kids this week:

Candid - My cats found a comfortable spot in the sun and I was able to get this shot before Levi scared them away.

Toys - This is a picture of one of my sons "tucks"

Any of the five senses - I decided to go with taste because these fresh picked veggies were sitting on my counter straight from my neighbors garden.  I love fresh tomatoes, so sweet and juicy!

Batteries - My husband has been asking me about these four 9V batteries for about a month now and insisted that he couldn't find them despite the fact that I was certain that I bought them.  Well, after looking for .02 seconds, I found them right where I said they would!  haha

Half - We have been working on improving the overall appearance of our house and have started to strip wallpaper.  This job is half done!

The list for next week is:
-Starts with the letter...
-Upside down

This looks like a fun list!  I already have some ideas for upside down, I just need to get my son to cooperate, wish me luck...

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