Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photography Scavenger Hunt

Cracked - The paint on our house is cracked and chipped and it needs to be re-painted.

Fallen - These wood chips have fallen from this tree that has been ravaged by woodpeckers and termites.

Ordinary Color - Baby toys are a great source of ordinary colors but the engineer in me loves these gears!

Bokeh - This is a photo of my husband at his college roommates wedding this past weekend.  He was a groomsman and they all wore newsboy caps and suspenders.  The reception was in a barn and the rafters were decorated with white string lights and they made a great source for my bokeh!

Fence - Surprisingly, I had a hard time finding a fence that I wanted to photograph.  I decided to use what I could find around my house and thought that it would be fun to set up my sons Legos as my props.

This was one of my hardest weeks but I loved the challenge!

The list for next week is:
-Getting ready
-Teeny Tiny

If you are looking for some inspiration or some practice, think about joining in the hunt!

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