Sunday, September 9, 2012

Photography Scavenger Hunt

Another week, another fun scavenger hunt!

Monochromatic - Lily was having a hard time falling asleep so Daddy laid down with her and they both passed right out!

Starts with the Letter...L - Levi and Lily with Lots of toys!

Upside Down - Levi was being silly while I was taking pictures and he loves to see pictures of himself, so I decided it would be fun to take one of him while he was upside down on my lap, he thought it was funny!

Hair - I am in love with all the hair that Lily was born with and that she didn't loose much of it!  Levi was pretty much bald until he was about 15 months old but his hair hasn't stopped growing since.

Soft - Levi loves to get under the covers and snuggle right into the bed.  We had the futon set up in the playroom for friends that were visiting and Levi has loved playing on and in it so we have left it as is for now.

The list for next week is:

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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