Thursday, September 6, 2012

Toddler Tale: Grocery Store Meltdown

Just a quick Levi story for you today...

On our way out of town to run errands this past weekend, we drove by the grocery store and Levi started to get upset.  When I say upset, I mean big crocodile tears and a big ol' frown.  It wasn't really a mad cry, it was a sad cry, as if we had just told him that his favorite toy was accidentally left at his grandparents house.  Unlike most kids though, he was not upset because he thought we were going grocery shopping, he was upset because he realized we weren't going to stop!

He loves going to the grocery store with me and is always so well behaved, it might have something to do with the free cookie he gets from the bakery but if that is what allows me a drama free trip to the store, I am ok with that.  I only wish the free cookie worked when we were shopping for clothes or fabric!

We were able to get him calmed down by telling him that we were headed to the pet store to get food for his puppy and that we would probably see other puppies while we were there.  Once at the pet store, we did see a couple of puppies and he was able to pet one of them and he got to help pick out a new bone for his puppy, so he was a happy boy! 

We ended up needing to go to the grocery store later that day and that put the biggest grin on his face, we made his day!

You would have thought we told him we were going to Disney World!
What are some funny places your kids like to visit?

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