Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photography Scavenger Hunt

Shadow - The afternoon light in my backyard made some great shadows on the leaves.

Keys - I may leave the house without my keys from time to time, but these keys are always in my purse.

Smile - I am going to miss this toothless grin!

Unedited - My mom watched the kids for me yesterday so that I could get some paint prep work done and set this corral up for Lily to nap in but Levi liked playing in it as well.  He kept tapping the pillow next to him and telling my Dad to come in and nap with him. (Unedited photo, just added a watermark)

Spice - Just a few of the spices I have in my kitchen.  I like the blurry knives and spice rack in the background.

The list for this week is:
-Water drops or water flowing
-Then and now
-One item from the bucket list

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