Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: Elf on the Shelf Week 1

This is the first year we have done the Elf on the Shelf and we are having fun with it!  Levi wakes up every morning and says "elf!"  and heads for the living areas and searches high and low for his elf.  Our elf does not have a name yet because we want Levi to be able to name him himself so he may not get a name until next year but that is ok.  We aren't getting our Christmas tree for a couple more weeks, so it's fun to have a bit of of the Christmas Spirit in the house!

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Ni Hao Yall


Nicole said...

Very sweet! I'm sure it's fun to see his excitement.

Even Miracles said...

Cute collage , I can't wait to start elf on the shelf with our little one ! Maybe next year !

Danielle Schaub said...

Nicole, it is great to see his excitement every morning when he finds the new hiding spot!

Even Miracles, our kids are still a bit young to really understand what he is all about but our 2.5 year old has fun finding him every morning anyway!

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