Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favorites: A recap of our week and a freebie!

Here is a little peek into our week...

After our weekly walk with a friend and her son, the kids and I had a nice visit with my aunt and her 2 girls (my cousins).  We met them for lunch at Chili's and the girls had fun entertaining Levi.  

On our way home from lunch, Lily was so tired that she passed out!  She got her first tooth and the second one is not far behind.  This has made my normally happy little girl into a tired and cranky little girl.  Hopefully this second tooth pops through soon!

After a long morning of misbehaving, cranky kids and a very messy lunch, a tubby was in order!  There is nothing like splashing water to bring out the silliness in my kids.  It put much needed smiles on all of our faces!

After the tubby washed away the crankiness, I was able to put the kids down for a nap.  While the kids napped, I took a few minutes for me and painted my toenails.  *Mommy confession...I hadn't painted my toenails since SEPTEMBER, yikes!  So much better now :)

It has been a trying few weeks, so I have been trying to see the good in everyday.  This quote just spoke to me.  I am going to enjoy my days instead of trying to just endure them!  Enjoying is SO much more fun!  I made this iPhone wallpaper for myself and am sharing it with you!  Just right click, save and send it to your phone or if you are reading this on your phone, you should just be able to save it directly from there!

Have a great weekend!

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