Thursday, February 21, 2013

GrooveBook: Smartphone Photos in Your Hand

I am relatively new to the smartphone world but that has not stopped me from taking a TON of photos with it in a short amount of time...

The only problem with that is that they tend to get stuck there, in my phone.  That is where GrooveBook comes in.  GrooveBook is a free app for your iPhone (a version for Android phones is in the works).  The books themselves are free and you just pay $2.99 for shipping.  Every month you upload 100 photos through the app and in about a week, you will have a book in your hand full of all your photos!  The pages in the book are perforated so you can use them as you please.  How fun would it be to send a few photos every month to the grandparents (or anyone who might live far away) with a little note from the kids!

There possibilities are only limited by your imagination:
-You could let your kids snap some photos one month and for about $3 they will have a book of photos that they took.
-Go to a local zoo or aquarium and take photos of both the animals and the plaques identifying them.  What a great educational book all about animals.
-Set up a photo booth at a party using your phone and use those photos for your book that month and you will have a fun memento from your party.

You can use Instagram photos but they will have white edges on either side like you see above.
The app is very easy to use and it will even remind you to get your photos uploaded so that you never miss a month!

Best of all, you get your first book completely FREE!!  Just use the code 2REDBIRTHSTONES1 and your shipping costs will be covered!

What are you waiting for, get your photos off your phone and in your hand!!

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I received a book free of charge for this post, but as always, all opinions are my own.
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