Monday, March 11, 2013

A Ride in the Maine Woods

Greg, Levi and I with Mount Katahdin in the background

We took Levi for his first snowmobile ride this weekend and despite the look on his face in a couple of the photos, he loved it! On Saturday there were 4 generations on the trail.  Greg's grandparents were the first generation, his mother and aunt made up the second generation, Greg, his brother and their cousin were representing the third generation and Levi made up the fourth generation!  How cool is that!!  I'm a little sad that no one got a four generation shot out on the trail though.  He had so much fun on Saturday that he asked Mommy to join him on Sunday!  I was happy to say yes to that request.  I grabbed my camera and off we went...

Our trip started off a bit rough with the recoil on Greg's old sled breaking.
The boys were able to fix it and we were up and running again.

It really was a beautiful day!

Levi loves his uncle

The conditions were perfect!

Mount Katahdin

Levi fell asleep mid ride and slept for probably a half hour.  Daddy had to drive
with one arm and the older generations were reminded of when their babies were little.

There were so many beautiful views, I wish I could driven and taken pictures at the same time.

A happy boy after a great ride!

Levi got to drive his own sled around the yard when we got back.

We had a great weekend and I am happy that we got to share it with family!

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