Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Only in a Jeep

It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand...

Today's project is not one that I have done, but one that my husband has been working on for 7 years or so (on and off).  This is how my husband gets "crafty"!  He would probably hate to hear me say that, but to me, that's how I would describe it.

My husband bought this 1984 Jeep CJ7 seven years ago and restored it from the frame up.  It was a labor of love, learning and lots of patience.  I lent a helping hand here and there but nothing more than lending an ear or helping him out when he didn't have enough hands.  This is what it looked like when he bought it.

He looked at it and saw a project, something that he could restore and then take out in the woods and play.  It was a long project, but it was something he enjoyed (most of the time).  This was a pre-children project so when he was working on his Jeep, I was working on my own crafts.  It was the time we did projects for us!

I'm glad that he took the time to document his progress, mostly so that I can blog about it now, though I know he did it mostly so he would have a point of reference when he put it back together.  Once it was finished, we had fun riding around with the top down and doors off in the summer and with the heater blasting while he hunted in the fall.  This Jeep even made it into the Maid-of-Honor speech at our wedding...

"Danielle I’d like to commend you on the support and tolerance you have for Greg’s romance with his Jeep! You are one heck of a woman!

But no worries someday Greg will complete that pile of metal out in the garage. And when he does I hope you two continue your journey of marriage with the doors off and the music up.

Along the way try to embrace the adventures your love will find, hit every pot hole you can along the way, and relax in the comfort of one another."

I am sad to report that we have sold this beauty but it is going to a good home and it will have some good company (the new owner has many other Jeeps).  My husband ended up buying a newer Jeep (1998 TJ) so that we could all ride as a family.  I know that Levi will be as sad as we are to see it go because as the new owner left our driveway for a test drive last night, Levi got very sad and said "miss Jeep".

It was fun while it lasted and we look to many other fun projects in our future!

Goodbye Jeep, you will be missed and remembered fondly!

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