Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homemade Pancake Mix and DIY Container Labels

 We are a family who loves pancakes and in this house my husband is the pancake maker.  We have always relied on store bought pancake mix but one Saturday morning, we discovered we were out and had one toddler who was very excited for breakfast.  I realized that we probably had everything we needed to make them from scratch, so I found a recipe and we proceeded to make our son the breakfast he was hoping for.  I never bought another box of pre-made mix and we have continued to enjoy our from-scratch pancakes.  The only downfall to making them from scratch is that they aren't as convenient to make, you have to get all the ingredients out and measure each one individually.  While this is not difficult, it is more time consuming and on a weekend morning, before coffee with two crazy toddlers, convenience is everything!

I finally decided to make my own pre-made mix and just store it in a container with the recipe all ready to go.  I bought a container at Target and used my Silhouette to add a label to the side of the container and the recipe to the front.  This is a screen shot from my Silhouette program of the labels I designed and cut out of black outdoor vinyl.  I used outdoor vinyl so that it would hold up through multiple washings.

The left photo is the container I used and the right photo is of the vinyl after I had weeded out the extra and added the transfer tape.

This is the finished product, now all I have to do is find my favorite recipe for pancakes, mix all the dry ingredients together and store it in my new container!

Having the recipe right on the side of the container makes it just as easy as store bought mix.  We just have to measure the required amount of mix, add an egg, milk and oil, cook and then enjoy our pancakes!

I also added some labels to my flour and sugar containers.  As soon as I figure out what I am going to put in my small container, that will get a label too!  Here is a little before and after:

I am loving my new labels and have a few more ideas for mixes and labels that I want to make!  I think a homemade brownie mix is up next...

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