Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear sun, Thank you so much for showing up today even though it was supposed to rain all day!  You allowed me to enjoy a picnic lunch on the porch with my kiddos followed by a little fun in the sprinkler (it was much warmer than it appears in these pictures)!  Dear Katie,  We had so much fun playing with you guys at the playground this week!  It's fun watching our kids grow up together and learning how to play with each other.  Dear hair, Why do you have to be so frizzy and unruly?  I really want to do something besides a ponytail or messy bun everyday without having to do a lot of work!  Dear Little Brother, Happy Birthday!  I hope you had a great day and we will see you soon!  Dear Friday, Thank you for being such a great way to end the week!  I am looking forward to a weekend all about the Moms in my life!

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